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Jean Marie Chandler was born in Brooklyn, NY in 1949. In 1968 she began her studies in Fine Arts at the College of Mount Saint Vincent with Professors Richard Barnett and Alan Siegel. In 1970 she spends a semester abroad in Madrid at the Institute of Hispanic Culture and The Prado Museum through an exchange program. In 1972, she graduates in Fine Arts and participates in a group exhibition in New York.

Her parents moved to London, England, in 1971 and she followed shortly after graduation. Eventually, she returned to Spain, residing in southern Spain for the most part, where she continued to work on her paintings. She has exhibited in over six countries, including and not limited to many of the principal cities in Spain, as well as in New York, Paris, Casablanca, Gibraltar and Bogota.


Her artistic activities and developments include illustrations of various books, a commissioned painting announcing the Holy Week in Malaga, publicity and special works commissioned by private clients in England, USA and Kuwait, among other places.

From Marbella, she continues to create her watercolors and has collaborated with outstanding interior decorators.



Her art work has been exhibited all over the world, including:

  • Manhattan, NY (Casa de la Cultura, in collaboration with Spanish Embassy in NY),

  • London, England

  • Paris, France

  • Brussels, Belgium

  • Bogotá, Colombia

  • Kuwait, and

  • Casablanca, Morocco 

  • Spain: Marbella: Puente Romano, Hotel Los Monteros, Hotel Guadalpin, Hotel Incosol, etc... Madrid (Hotel Foxá)

  • among others...

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