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Antonio Cardenas is a Spanish artist born in Lanzarote, Canary Islands in 1947. Self-taught, his artistic talents were evident from an early age and he began his formal art education as a teenager in Andujar (Jaen), under the tutelage of Antonio Orea. 

In 1974 he received a scholarship from the Castellblanch Art Foundation and studied Plastic Arts with Joan Rebull in Mallorca.

In 1976 he moved to Granada and expanded his education to Graphic arts at the Rodriguez Acosta Foundation, where he collaborated with some of the finest printmakers at those times. While in Granada he also worked for the press, as an illustrator for articles covering different events and performing portraits of several important figures.

​Cardenas has continued to deliver outstanding works not only for their originality and artistry, but for their complexity and variety, as well as sensitivity.

He has held exhibitions in more than eight countries, including major cities in Spain, United States, Germany, Belgium, France, England, Bahrain and Morocco.

His extensive artistic activity includes portraits, jewelry design, sculpture, murals and graphic arts. 

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Antonio Cardenas' painting featured in the article about Nicole Kimpel and Antonio Banderas at their house in Marbella

Antonio Cárdenas Biography: Bio


H.M. King Don Juan Carlos I “Capitanía Granada”

H.M. Queen Doña Sofía

H.R.H. Prince of Asturias

S.A.R. Countess of Barcelona “Palacio de la Zarzuela”

H.M. King Hassan II of Morocco

Princess Mayr of Austria

Princess Al-Sabaj de Kuwait

Saint Jose María Escrivá de Balaguer, San Juan (Puerto Rico)

D. Rafael de los Casares, Consul General of Spain in U.S.A.

Booth Gardner, 19th Governor of U.S. State of Washington

D. Adolfo Suárez, Ex-Prime Minister of Spain

Baroness Sabina Barth Von Heissl

D. Francisco Albert Cassar, President of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Morroco

D. Manuel Rodríguez López, President of the High Court of Justice in Andalucia.

Prince Alfonso de Hohenlohe-Langenburg.

Dr. Michael Oliver, Manchester, England.

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